Ever wonder what your dog thinks about your pregnancy? Well, it is safe to say that they notice some changes. Things like scent changes due to rushes of hormones early on can tip your dog off to your changes ahead. Even before you take that test, your dog may have seemed more clingy, whiny or been extra sniffy towards you and others in the home. I was reminded of this as I have recently found out we are expecting our 4th baby this July. As the creator of Dogs & Storks® I am excited to walk through the steps our fmaily takes during our pregnancy to better help you along the way. 2 of our dogs did not appear any different but our foster shepherd became extra whiny days before I knew. He was driving me nuts whining and whining nonstop while I was at my computer. I do not know for sure if it was due to this but….it was a change that I noticed.
So, I hope you will join me on my journey as I go through the 9 months ahead of me. This will indeed be a learning opportunity for me and you as well!

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