Which gate??

Which gate??

When setting up a “success station” we want to be sure that wherever we put the dog, they will be secure and not disturbed.  We also want to be sure that the dog is unable to open or escape this area without an adult knowing.

I have used many types of gates over the years and find myself coming back to the old standard.  


Pros of this type of gate:

An adult need to lock it into place physically vs. rely on a mechanism that some other fancy gates have.

Comes in different heights and widths

Can be moved to any doorway when needed

In expensive


If your dog chews he may enjoy chomping on this gate

Fingers can reach through gate

Some dogs may push hard and knock out of place to escape.  (know your dog and observe their comfort level with the use of the gate as a “success station.”)  

Join us for our webinar on Success Stations for more information and what to consider with the various options.

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