A pup to ride!?! REALLY?????

A pup to ride!?! REALLY?????

Life size sit on plush pup 

Described as:  “These Life-Size Plush Sit-On Pups are sure to become your child’s best friend. Children can shower them with hugs and kisses-and they can even climb on their backs!”

Really?  You want to encourage kids to do exactly what with a real dog could get them in seriously hurt?  These are meant for young children and I am not impressed by the angle they have chosen to market them.  Sit on pups sets kids up to believe that sitting on the back of a dog and offering hugs and kisses is a good idea.  I am sorry but this concerns me as kids this age need to learn how to behave around dogs in a way that will be comfortable for the dog and safer for themselves.  Encouraging kids to “sit on” the backs of dogs, even stuffed is not a great idea.  Many children will not understand why it is not ok to do with the real dog.  Why not model the right type of behavior vs. promoting something that could really lead children down a dangerous path.  

I love stuffed animals and always have.  I also use them when working with young children.  I agree that they are a great substitute at times for the real deal But not when behavior that is being promoted is going to set the child up for a dangerous encounter when and if the child does not understand that you can NOT do this with the real thing.  

I am all for the large dog and I know having a life sized stuffed dog is great but please parents…..remember that your child is always learning and instead of teaching them something that could get them into trouble….why not use this to teach them what is safer.  Riding dogs is NEVER safe!

Sadly many people believe riding dogs is ok.  Just look on youtube.  I don’t think we need to encourage this behavior in young children.   

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