A Success Story!

A Success Story!

There is nothing more gratifying than being able to offer tips and relief to a family with a dog and baby. Often new parents feel unsure of their dog’s behavior and sometimes a second opinion and some simple tips can make a HUGE difference in the comfort level for all.  Over the last 13 years of working/supporting families I have enjoyed seeing success and relationships grow as the family grows.  I know that with more people getting the support and help they need that we will see more dogs stay in their homes even once a baby arrives.  It is an honor to be included in the lives of so many at this amazing transitional time!

This weekend I got to spend time with a wonderful family and see how their dedication has really paved the road for success.  I am so happy to have been included in the process!  They did the work and continue to be diligent with their dog and baby activities.  Well done!

it is not always easy but with support, dedication and patience most family dogs do very well even after a baby arrives!  Visit our licensed presenter page to find someone near you.  Living with a dog and kids requires ongoing learning!

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