Absent Supervision

Absent Supervision


I was right there! I literally was RIGHT THERE! Then suddenly there was screaming and I saw a mark but didn’t see what exactly happened. I feel so awful.  

We hear this way too often through our support line.  We want to prevent this!  Being a parent of a toddler with a family dog/s is challenging to say the least.  Your toddler is ready to explore EVERYTHING and your dog has their own feelings about your growing baby too. Situations like this happen all the time.   We turn our back or step out for a second and then there is a growl or a cry and we are not quite sure what happened.  Family Paws talks about 5 types of supervision.  This situation is an example of Passive supervision gone to absent.  The parent is there but their back is turned and they are not paying attention to the child and dog.  This is a perfect example of a time to utilize a success station.  A gate or other type of barrier to prevent any mishaps from happening. Toddlers and dogs miscommunicate often especially when in close quarters.  

I use this particular example as the kitchen is OFTEN where this kind of situation happens.  The kitchen is a sensitive place for many dogs as food possibilities might happen and dogs might be more on guard in this space.  Please don’t take a chance!  Prepare in advance.  Use a gate to separate!  We encourage you to use proactive supervision in these situations.  

If you know you are going to be passively supervising then plan ahead with an option for your dog or baby.  The goal is to prevent close and unpredictable encounters from happening while you are busy engaged in something else. 

If your dog is not used to gates or a barrier then now is a great time to begin helping them get comfortable with this option.  We are here to help!  Family Paws Parent Educators are here to offer you support in finding the right Success stations for your family dog.  We understand how juggling both a busy toddler and dog can be challenging and we want to help increase safety and decrease stress for everyone.  


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