Baby vs. Dog (youtube)

Baby vs. Dog (youtube)

Notice the dog yawning while the baby crawls on him. What are the options for the dog here?

He could move away when he has had enough,

he could continue to tolerate this behavior from the baby or

he could growl or snap once he gets fed up.

Dogs should not be expected to “tolerate” time and time again. Eventually they too get fed up. This dog does not know what to expect from this child and eventaully may become less welcoming of interaction. Parent directed interaction is the safest at the stage with baby.

2 Replies to “Baby vs. Dog (youtube)”

  1. Honestly, it’s amazing to me from just watching these few videos that MORE children are severely bitten by dogs…

    Dogs really are quite patient most of the time.

  2. Yes, dogs meet us far more then half way when it comes to communication! We do things the human way and they do them the canine way. We must learn to respect the differences and plan and prepare to all get along.

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