Become Dog Aware™and supervise with care!

Become Dog Aware™and supervise with care!

We all have heard the advice SUPERVISE CHILDREN AROUND DOGS!  Ok….so what does this really mean?  Is it that simple?  I thought it was until I become Dog Aware™.  Now I approach supervising differently!

Here are two pictures of my children and dogs from many years ago.  I was supervising.  Right?  I supervised their hugging, free-touching, pulling, hugging etc.  I bet my dog appreciated my supervision skills?  (Sorry Moose and Carin)

I was missing a key part of supervision! I was not Dog Aware™!!!!!  Dog Aware™ parents continue learning and stay curious about the behavior of their family dogs.  At the time of these photos I felt I knew enough about dogs and you could not have told me differently!  I grew up with dogs, showed dogs and I knew dogs.   I was WRONG!  What I knew was lacking.  How unfair of me to think dogs are that simple and that I knew all I needed to know!? Do we ever know everything????

I really had a LOT to learn.  Once I realized this I got excited!  Imagine the relationship my kids and dogs could have if I knew more!

So, yes I was supervising my kids with our dogs but with no real knowledge of what I was looking at.  I had lived with dogs but never PARENTED WITH DOGS!  This was new and I needed to be open to learning to help build and strengthen the bond between my children and our dogs.    Although I grew up with many dogs I had never parented a child with dogs.  I am still learning every day as my kids grow into young adults.  Being a dog family with children means being aware and respecting comfort levels of the dogs that are in the home.  I love when parents are open minded and curious about the subtle signals their dogs use to communicate.  Dog Aware parents stay curious and continue learning to build and strengthen the bond between all family members.

Are you ready to increase your Dog Aware™skills?  Are you curious about how your dog reacts or responds in different situations?  Are you interested in strengthening the bond between your child and dog?  Believe me, you are in the right place.  I am so excited to share some of what our family has learned over the years!  We continue to learn every day from our dogs.  I love being curious and open to seeing things differently.

I would love your questions and photos during the month of May to discuss Dog Aware™ How are you Dog Aware™??  Leave us a comment!  We want to hear from you!




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