• Does tolerant equal safe?

    October 10, 2008

    I wish I had a nickel for every call I’ve gotten where the client was shocked that their ‘kid-tolerant’ dog bit, nipped, growled at or muzzle-punched their crawler or toddler. In my opinion, many of these dogs have been screaming for help for quite some time before they felt the need to escalate, and their […]

  • Say Cheese!

    October 9, 2008

    We have a natural desire to see our dog with our new baby. This creates the image of harmony we are looking for in a long term bond. It is the family photo we all want and who can resist! Do your dog and baby a favor by making sure that an adult is included […]

  • What questions do you have?

    October 9, 2008

    Are you expecting? What questions or concerns do you have? Have you had a baby do you have a story to share? Video? Photos? If so we would love to hear from you! There are so many fun and exciting times during the first years of parenting along with times of questioning and learning. We […]

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