boxer mom and pups (you tube)

boxer mom and pups (you tube)

Watch how beautifully gentle this mom is with the pups in her face. It is a gorgeous dance. Her mouthing shows great bite inhibition and that is terrific. But what happens when a dog has a baby in their space waving arms and handling them around hte head? The dog acts like a dog and may see this as play and demonstrate great bite inhibition but….would that be enough? Often it is what leads dogs to be re homed or worse. It is our responsibilty to not put our baby or dogs in a situation that may lead to either becoming overwhelmed or harmed.

Parents must intervene and predict the potential outcome and realize that their dog…although wonderful is a dog and will respond like a dog. Without words they use their body language to communicate and mouthing is a form of communication in the dog world. It is our job to not allow a situation to happen. See the following video with baby and boxer..

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