Client Questionaire

Client Questionaire

Thank you for contacting Family Paws™. Please take some time to fill out this questionnaire. It is meant to provide me with helpful information regarding you and your pet. There are no right or wrong responses to any of the questions. It is important for me that you provide me with the most accurate information so that I can better help you and your canine family member.

If you prefer you can fill out the Client Questionnaire in Word format or text format. Simply right click on the link and “Save as” to your hard drive, then email us the file.

Your information

First Name
Last Name
Spouse/Partner Name
Phone numbers
If expecting, due date?
Name of Obgyn Practice
Children? Names and Ages
Street Address
Zip Code
Preferred Method of Contact?
How did you hear of Family Paws?

Your canine information

Neutered or Spayed?
Where did you get your dog(s) and their age(s) at the time?
Do you have any medical concerns? If yes, please explain?
Your Vet’s Name
Name of Animal Hosptial or Clinic
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone number

Tell us about your dog

What training have you and your dog participated in?
What cues does your dog perform regularly?
Who has the best control with your dog?
Who has least control over your dog?
Describe your dog’s behavior when a guest arrives at your home.
What methods of correction do you use with your dog?
What does your dog enjoy most?
What does your dog enjoy least?
Describe your dog’s reaction when strangers approach.

On lead? Off lead?

What does your dog do around other dogs?
Does your dog enjoy grooming (e.g., nail trimming, brushing)? If no how does he react?
What games does your dog enjoy?
What makes your dog uncomfortable?
How does your dog show stress?
Has your dog shown any form of aggression? If yes, please describe the frequency and behavior.


What type of collar do you use with your dog?
What type of lead do you use?
Do you have any other types of equipment you use with your dog?


What type of food does your dog eat?
How often is your dog fed?
Are you using herbals, flower essence, vitamins or other types of supplements?
Please describe your reason for contacting Family Paws™.

Other comments

Please tell me anything else that you feel will be helpful regarding your dog in particular. You know your dog best and this helps me to get to know him/her as well.

Please enter 8978 in box:

Thank you again and I look forward to working with your family. Family Paws™ will not share any of this information without your permission.

–Jennifer Shryock

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