Crawling Babies, Conflicted Dogs

Crawling Babies, Conflicted Dogs

The most difficult calls I receive are from parents having to make difficult decisions.  Heartbreaking comments such as “We wish we had known,” or “I let him down,” or “I feel I failed,”  are commonly shared. Each time I hear a parent express such feelings l feel that WE have not done our best to get education in the hands of families and it motivates me to find new ways to reach more families in new ways.

It is my intention to offer these educational webinars regularly in the hopes that we can reach families far and wide.     This webinar is ideal for families with babies preparing to crawl.

“Please share….the dogs thank you!” -Jennifer Shryock

It is not uncommon for family dogs to be a bit uneasy or concerned once your baby begins to move about.  Newly crawling babies are a who new experience for the family dog.  All dogs rely on body language and predictable behavior.  There is not much predictable about this little one right now!  Let’s look at ways to help set your dog’s mind at ease as you all transition into this high paced stage of mobility.  Planning and preparing ahead is so important at this stage!  Our webinar will focus on building trust and long term success through understanding.

  • We prepared and brought home the blanket and did everything we read and just don’t understand why our dog is unhappy.

  • Our dog and baby were doing fine until he began crawling…. I don’t understand why things changed.

  • Everything was going so great, our dog always licked the baby and now he is growling…. I am concerned.

  • He always loves kids and I don’t understand why he is growling at our baby.

  • I don’t want to rehome our dog but he just can’t behave this way. I need help.

If any of these are thoughts or fears you have considered then please join us for an hour that is sure to give you insight and lead you to supportive resources. This is an interactive webinar where YOUR questions will be addressed.

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