Crawling babies….conflicted dogs

Crawling babies….conflicted dogs

Crawling babies…conflicted dogs

The most frequent call we receive is regarding newly mobile babies.  This hour long webinar will cover reasons why this stage can be so challenging for both parents and dogs.  We will also cover what to consider and tips for success. Here are some of the comments we hear most often.

  1. We prepared and brought home the blanket and did everything we read and just don’t understand why our dog is unhappy.
  2. Our dog and baby were doing fine until he began crawling…. I don’t understand why things changed.
  3. Everything was going so great, our dog always licked the baby and now he is growling…. I am concerned.
  4. He always loves kids and I don’t understand why he is growling at our baby.
  5. I don’t want to rehome our dog but he just can’t behave this way.  I need help. 

If any of these are thoughts or fears you have considered then please join us for an hour that is sure to give you insight and lead you to supportive resources. 

December 18, 2013  9pm ET 

Register below!  $10

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