Does BSL really work?

Does BSL really work?

We’re seeing more and more places jump on the BSL bandwagon, but is it just a knee-jerk reaction or are they actually examining the evidence as to whether…
Does BSL Really Work?? –

If this is a topic of interest we encourage you to visit the newly launched site
for the National Canine Research Council
The mission of The National Canine Research Council is to publish accurate, documented, reliable research to promote a better understanding of the human-canine bond.

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Two decades of intensive research, during which the NCRC has developed the most complete body of data available on incidents of canine aggression, have taken us beyond the limitations of epidemiological studies that focus on the dog and the single vector of breed. Our historical approach has yielded an understanding of the relational dynamics between dogs and people that no single-vector approach can replicate, and of the responsibilities of owners and professionals – all the people directly associated with the human-canine bond – to the community, and to the dogs.

Karen Delise, Founder and Director of Research

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