Dog and Baby Support Line

Support Line


Transitioning from dog parents to newborn parents with a dog can be fun, complicated, and overwhelming at times. Expectations, pressure from others, and possibly unexpected behavioral concerns are just some of the common challenges new parents encounter as they adjust with their dog to their new roles and routines.

The Dog & Baby Support line offers families and professionals immediate access to dog professionals who specialize in dog and baby/toddler dynamics. We are ready to listen and hear your concerns and offer immediate support and resources.

Who is the support line for?

  • A family with a newborn is concerned about their dog’s reaction to their baby.
  • A family dog has growled or snapped at a baby or toddler
  • A family or parent is feeling overwhelmed and that their dog may be “better off” in another home.
  • A bite has ocurred and you need someone to speak to immediately.
  • If you are a rescue volunteer and want information to support new and expecting families… give us a call! 1-877-247-3407
***This line is not intended to replace a private consultation or workshop but may provide critical help until additional support is available with a professional. We take the time to listen and offer immediate management tips, support and resources to increase safety and decrease stress immediately. 

Thank You

We are glad you called the line.

If our support was helpful to you and you wish to show appreciation through a financial contribution we have provided a button below to do so. We appreciate your support that allows us to continue to be available for families when it matters the most. You may also show your gratitude by sharing a review on our Facebook page and helping us to actively bring our programs to your community.

Thank you for allowing us to support you during this special time.

Every Young Family Needs a Support System.

Find a Family Paw’s Educator near you and get the support you need to safely and happily raise your dogs and children, together.