Dog Aware Body Language

In this section we’re going to develop our Dog Aware Skills on Body Language by becoming Doggie Detectives®!

Learning about dog body language is a lot like being a detective – you have to gather a lot of clues and then look at them altogether to get the whole picture.

Dog are always communicating with us using their body language. They give us clues about how they are feeling with multiple body parts.

As Doggie Detectives, we can learn by observing and recognizing these body language cues and gain insight into how a dog is feeling in different situations.

To become a great Doggie Detective, remember this tip each time you observe a dog’s body language.

EARS, EYES, TAIL and MUZZLE – Gather the clues to solve the puzzle!

Watch the video below to learn why body language and becoming a Doggie Detective® is important!

Let’s Be Doggie Detectives!

Ears, Eyes, Tail, Muzzle – Gather the Clues to Solve the Puzzle!

Step 1:

Click on each of the boxes below for an interactive clue-gathering experience. Learn what your dog’s ears, eyes, tail, and muzzle can tell you about how the dog is feeling. 

Step 2:

Practice your doggie detective skills! Click on Let’s Practice to gather clues and solve the puzzle.

Let's Practice

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