Dog Aware for Dog Professionals

Dog Aware for Dog Professionals

This is the perfect short course for any dog professional who is looking to build and increase their skills in supporting young families.  This is NOT our licensed course and there is no application or requirements for this program.  All are invited and welcome.  This course covers 4 main concepts:  Body language, Sensitivities, Proximity and Supervision.   It is essential for all professionals!  The course is run for 4 weeks 75 minutes each class.  Fee is $150.  Beginning April 19 2pm EST.  You can learn more here

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What are attendees saying?

“The course is wonderfully presented and very insightful.  As a dog professional I gained better methods and ideologies on how to help these families better in a manner that is respectful, empathetic and meaningful.  Loved every minutes!”  Attendee of January 23 Dog Aware for Dog Professionals

“Jennifer is amazing, English is not my first language and everything was very clear and well explained.” Attendee Jan 23 DADP attendee

“This class would be beneficial to all pet professionals including, veterinarians, staff, trainers, and behaviorists.  We all work with families that have dogs and kids and this “Dog Aware ” info really needs to get out to the masses!  Very helpful class.  ”  Jan 23 Attendee

“As a Licensed Veterinary technician who is working towards a specialty in behavior AND a new mom this course was especially helpful in providing new informationI can use in my own life and share with clients!  This class was easy to listen to and follow and provided a lot of great context and insight into the world of dog and baby, toddler and child safety. ”  Jan 23 attendee




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