Dog Aware Mini Course





Dog Aware Mini Course

Family Paws is offering the perfect course for all dog professionals who are interested in learning more about Family Paws concepts but are not sure if they are ready to dive into the 13-week course.   This is a bit of a teaser course for our Family Paws licensed program.  It is designed for anyone interested in learning more about this dog-centric niche in order to complement their current skills.  It is a 4 part series, covering the 4 pillars of Dog aware skills as well as how and why they are relevant to the families you support. This program does not require an application.

We refer to the four pillars as BSPS: Body language, Sensitivities, Proximity, and Supervision.  We will discuss how each of these plays a role in a family’s relationship with their dog, and how important it is for them to become second nature when it comes to living with kids and dogs.  BSPS will be an excellent tool for dog professionals to teach their clients so that they can easily scan their home life situation and make safer choices. The goal is to empower more adults to take action and understand their dogs before things go too far.




Upon completion of the Dog Aware course, learners will be able to:

  1. Utilize “Doggie Detective” materials.
  2. Describe 2 reasons why dog body language is essential for parents with young children.
  3. Gain insight into the importance of identifying sensitivities early, ideally before baby arrives.
  4. Give examples as to how proximity is important when it comes to newly crawling babies /toddlers
  5. Define and give examples of the 5 types of supervision.
  6. Be able to describe the 4 components of being Dog Aware.

Each class is 60 minutes and includes both instruction with presentation and Q & A.   Assignments will be given to further optimize your learning experience.

4 CEU’s for CCPDT and IAABC Instructor: Jennifer Shryock BA, CDBC, FPPE, LFDM




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