Dog Aware – Sensitivities


What do we mean by sensitivities? How does your individual dog experience the world?  Sights, sounds, motion, tactile etc. Are they easily startled by sudden sounds or motions?  Do they become super excited by moving items or running children?  All of these things are super important to know prior to having children in your home.  Your dog is unique and their response to stimuli is important to understand before adding the unpredictability of children and their toys to the mix.  The more Dog Aware you are the more you are able to recognize when your dog needs support and how to best support them.  Let’s look at some examples below of sensitivities.

 Does your dog get super excited and want to catch or pop bubbles?  Maybe you love playing with your dog and watching them catch the bubbles.  If this is super stimulating and exciting for your dog what might you do when your child enjoys bubbles?  How might this excitement show up with a baby?  toddler?

 Baby equipment often is noisy.  Is your dog noise sensitive?  What if the equipment is on wood floor vs carpet?  How might your dog respond to it?  What can you do to help support a noise sensitive dog?






Every Young Family Needs a Support System.

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