Dog Aware – Supervision

The 5 types of supervision

Supervise, Supervise SUPERVISE!!  

This is the most highly recommended suggestion to parents with kid and dogs.  So, what does this really mean?  As a parent of 4 kids I know that supervision is important and looks different to each of us.  My husband and I definitely shared different ideas of what supervision meant and it was this that led to my developing the 5 types of supervision.  I created this to help us communicate exactly what supervision meant to us.  To open the conversation to invite a more effective plan where supervising had a definite meaning we understood in our home.  I hope this is helpful for you too!  Please feel free to download our PDF and check out our YouTube video on the 5 types of supervision.  Getting on the same page is the first step!




Every Young Family Needs a Support System.

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