Dog Detective Flashcard eBook

Dog Detective Flashcard eBook


This ebook by award winning authors Teresa Lewin and Joan Orr shows photos of dogs that illustrate various emotional states. A list of clues are given at the beginning so that children know what to look for in the photos that follow. There are contrasting photos of 12 different dogs showing both “safe” and “dangerous” emotional states. Each photo is repeated with the clues marked by arrows in a “flashcard” type format so that readers can guess whether the dog is safe or dangerous and then turn the page for the answer.

The information is suitable for children and their parents, but would serve as a good primer for anyone who wants to know the basics of dog body language. Click here to view a demo as a Flash slideshow.

The photos in this kit are the same as those in the Flashcards kit shown above, but are presented in eBook format suitable for electronic viewing or printing in a small size.

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