Dog protects baby?

Dog protects baby?

I do not post videos from youtube or even the ones that usually make the rounds but tonight I was sitting here when this one (see here) popped up and my 4 year old was on my lap so I decided to record what she thought after watching it.  

She is being silly since the camera is on but hopefully her point is made.  

We need to reconsider what is appropriate and safe.  We all have a “need” or “desire” to see harmony between different species.  Seeing small and large animals or babies together is hard to resist but we need to careful what our expectations are of these situations.   Frequently interpretations of these situations are what we want to believe is going on through our human eyes and emotions.  Sadly it is unlikely that the dog is experiencing the encounter as we are perceiving it.

The dog in this video appears fearful and shows many stress signals.  The reporters say it but want to believe the dog is being protective and “awww how cute.” What about the fact that the dog is fearful?”

Dogs do NOT need to practice or be encouraged to “protect” or “guard” a baby or child.  The adults in the home are responsible for the safety of a baby not the dog.  It is not cute or a safe role for any dog to “guard” the baby assuming there is an responsible parent there.    Many dogs that display this behavior with infants have a difficult time adjusting as the baby grows.  I frequently see this situation fall apart and it is heartbreaking.  We need to focus on what is “safe” vs. what is considered cute.  

Ok…dare I ask which video of the two is truly “cute.”

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