Dog tucks in baby?

Dog tucks in baby?

Headline reads- Adorable dog tucks baby in to sleep.

Is this dog “tucking baby in?”

The gentle nudging of the blanket to cover a newborn can be heartwarming but also misleading. It is often hard for new parents to remember that their family dog is still a DOG.   They are not relating to their baby as a human sibling. This may sound like a simple and obvious point but for many who really want to see the harmony between the new baby and dog sometimes these lines can be blurred.

Dogs do not do this with their alive puppiies. They do this with novel things they want to stash for later or to cover up scent of.   Please always remember that your dog is a DOG and will always act and behave as a dog no matter how good of a dog he is!

Here are a couple of examples of dogs displaying this behavior.  What do you think?


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