What is Dog Aware®?

What does it mean to be Dog Aware®? Great question! Dog Aware® Skills are a combination of your experience and knowledge about dogs – they allow you to observe and be curious about how your dog is feeling and responding in a variety of situations. Understanding your dog enables you to intervene when needed, but even more importantly, to prevent any potential issues that could arise.

We believe everyone has some foundational knowledge about dogs and Dog Aware® skills. It might be that you grew up with dogs or you always loved dogs and now have your own. Wherever you are in your knowledge base we strongly believe there is ALWAYS room to learn more! We encourage you to continue growing, building, and strengthening your Dog Aware® Skills to help set you and your dog up for success.

What are Dog Aware® Skills? We break it down into 4 major categories: Body language, Sensitivities, Proximity, and Supervision (BSPS for short).

We believe these 4 categories are especially important for families with children. By increasing their Dog Aware® Skills, families can learn what to look for and when to intervene BEFORE a situation escalates.

Are you ready to be Proud to be DOG AWARE®?


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