Doggie Detective Teacher Kit Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint Presentation


Doggie Detective Teacher Kit is for:

  • schools/teachers who want to deliver a bite prevention program themselves
  • humane educators for in-house or community outreach use
  • obedience trainers who want to educate their clients about safety around dogs
  • dog industry professionals who want to offer bite prevention programming to local schools or community groups
  • veterinary professionals who want to provide a community service and promote their business and profession in the community

Contents of the Doggie Detective Teacher Kit:

  • A set of 9 11″x17″ photographs of dogs showing various body language signals. Text of script printed on the reverse to prompt the presenter.
  • A set of 5 “tools” photos – also 11″x17″. These are tools for kids to put in their toolbox (in their head) – to help keep them safe. Text of script printed on the reverse.
  • A snarly dog photo – 11″x17″ – this is held up by a helper at random and everyone must stand up and “be a tree”
  • A spinner – 12″ x 12″ – used after the first 15 minutes of instruction – the results of the spin govern the rest of the program.
  • Program script
  • 4 Simon Says cards
  • 4 Scenario cards
  • Handout for photocopying
  • Program evaluation form – for photocopying
  • Video showing a sample delivery of the presentation
  • Tote bag to hold contents of the kit

Powerpoint Presentation

The Doggie Detective program is available as a physical teacher kit and also as a PowerPoint show that you can use with your computer and a projector.

The show also comes with notes, a complete script and the text for the Simon Says and Toolbox role playing games as well as all the handout files that are included in the physical Teacher Kit.

View PowerPoint show.

What people are saying:

The Doggie Detective program (known from 2004-2016 as the “Be a Tree” Program has been delivered to over 1,000,000 children. It is supported by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association and Veterinary Technician/Technologist Associations across Canada. Veterinary technicians/technologists in Canada can earn CE credits for delivering the program – check with your professional association for details.

“Hats off to the best educational package I have seen in years and a great public service that goes a long way to getting the message out about dog bite prevention and working toward eliminating dog bites to our children.”
-Lisa Grey – Canine Behavior Consultant and Specialist; Bite Prevention Educator with BCSPCA (former); Senior Trainer – Canines with a Cause; Senior Instructor – Adolescents at Risk and Canines Ontario; Owner Natural Bond Canine Consultants, Ontario, Canada

“I have reviewed the materials from this program and will be utilizing this material when teaching the second graders of Longmont, Colorado. The materials provided are great tools in teaching animal safety.”
-Robin Breffle, Community Service Office, Animal Control, Longmont Police Department, Longmont, Colorado

“My experience as a classroom teacher of 35 years taught me that children learn by doing, practicing and playing. This program is a great teaching tool. Lots of role playing and repetition until the children have a patterned response to an aggressive dog. Fast paced and fun.”
-Sherri Utter, Retired Elementary School Teacher; Animatch Volunteer, Quebec, Canada

“As a Canine Behavior Consultant and Special Education Teacher, I am very impressed with the Doggie Detective program. This fun and interactive program involves kids every step of the way as they learn the tools to make safe choices around familiar and unfamiliar dogs. I am impressed when I return to the classes several weeks later and the kids still remember all of the tools and can tell me some things that dogs do that indicate they may be stressed. This program empowers kids to make better choices through awareness and education. The Be a Tree teacher’s kit comes with beautiful clear poster-sized photos that are helpful for teaching children and adults alike. The easy-to-follow script is conveniently printed on the back of each poster to help the presenter stay on track and be at ease during their presentation. This really helps to minimize tangents and stay focused on the key points of the presentation.”
-Jennifer Shryock, Canine Behavior Consultant, Creator of Dogs & Storks Workshop, Cary, North Carolina

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