Doggone Crazy! Board Game

Doggone Crazy Board Game

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Kid tested and expert approved, Doggone Crazy!TM is a family fun board game that teaches kids and adults how to read dog communication and be safe around dogs. Players race around the board collecting bones. They earn bones by demonstrating safe behaviors, answering questions and interpreting photographs showing pictures of dogs.

This unique and colorful game is fast paced and absorbing even for the most fidgety of youngsters. It’s a snarling, tail wagging, howling, yip yapping, tree-mendous time!!!! Watch out for the doggy doo doo! For ages 4 and up. 4-6 players. One player with 3rd grade reading skills required. Takes about 40 minutes to play with 4 players.

How to Play Doggone Crazy

Who is buying Doggone Crazy?

Doggone Crazy! is the first ever board game to empower kids with the knowledge they need to make safe choices around dogs. Kids can be doggy detectives, trying to figure out what the dogs are saying with their body language in the more than 100 photo cards. Created by dog experts, this unique game is loads of fun for kids and families. Parents and grandparents are choosing Doggone Crazy! for family play and educational value.

Doggone Crazy! is for families with dogs and families who encounter other people’s dogs. Even dog savvy parents have said “I didn’t know that!” after learning about subtle and little-known dog communication signals from the photo cards in the game. Kids just say “We all have fun!!”.

This game makes it fun for children to learn how to behave toward dogs, and how to understand what dog expressions and actions mean. It’s a positive and reinforcing tool for enhancing child safety, reducing bite risk, and improving the human-animal bond. Karen Pryor, author of Don’t Shoot the Dog and CEO of Karen Pryor Clicker Training (

Dog bite prevention is the goal of the board game Doggone Crazy! Children and families will learn about dog communication, dog behavior, dog safety for children and how to prevent a dog bite. Through fun activities, photographs of real dogs and puppies and question cards, Doggone Crazy! promotes education and child safety. Doggone Crazy! is not the same as Dogopoly or Monopoly, the Dog. Dogopoly and Monopoly, the Dog are based on the classic property trading game Monopoly, while Doggone Crazy! is a race around the board collecting bones and learning about canine communication.

Doggone Crazy! has over 100 photographs of real dogs doing real doggie things. There are pictures of over 60 different dogs representing more than 40 different dog breeds. The free parent guide gives some information about dog training and puppy training to help teach dogs not to bite. Doggone Crazy! is a highly competitive game with lots of physical activity – even little boys will stay with the game until the end.

What they are saying:

“My grandchildren have insisted on playing Doggone Crazy! every day since I gave it to them as a birthday present.”
– Barb Cooper, Grandmother

“Doggone Crazy! is the first board game in a long time to keep my kids attention…they played the game so much that I wasn’t allowed to touch the game for review until the week-end was over.”
– Alyice Edrich, The Dabbling Mum- National Parenting Magazine

“It was a snarling, tail wagging, howling, yip yapping, tree-mendous time!!!! Watch out for the doggy doodoo ???? !!!”
– Game Testing Family

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