Dogs and Toddlers

Join us for this informative webinar you can only get through Family Paws!
Presented by Dog and Baby/Toddler expert Jennifer Shryock
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Is your baby getting ready to sit up? crawl? or Walk? These new stages can be an exciting time for parents but often a stressful time for family dogs. You can change that! Preparing with your dog for these developmental milestones will help set everyone up for success! Our Dogs and Toddlers program can help!
If you are like many parents, you prepared with your dog for your baby’s arrival. Chances are all has gone smoothly for this initial stage. Have you begun preparation for the next stage? Preparing for this next stage is often what families do not think about until after something has happened. Please don’t wait until it is too late.
The more you know….the more a bond can grow!
Babies become mobile quickly! Toddlerhood is a whole new adventure! Many dogs become uncomfortable with these rapid changes and increased movements of the baby. Be proactive and plan ahead for success for both their baby and family dog. Dog Aware™ parents also adjust management and activities to match each stage for both dog and baby. Together we can build lasting bonds based on trust, respect and mutual comfort.
This webinar will also share information about what to consider when encountering dogs with your toddler while out and about. Everything you will learn in our Dogs & Toddlers webinar will be valuable with all dogs your family encounters.

Here are some of the things we will cover:

  • 5 types of supervision
  • Grumble zones/growl zones
  • Differences in communication
  • Activities for success with dogs
  • Invites decrease bites
  • and so much more!

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