Dogs in America

Dogs in America

There are over 74 millions dogs owned in America. This is a huge number of companion animals that we humans claim responsibility for. All too often dogs are thought of as furry children or furry people until a baby arrives. This leaves families and dogs in uncomfortable situations. Sadly the number of dogs that are turned into shelters or rescues is on the rise due to financial issues. We must do all that we can when we bring a companion animal into our home to make things safe and secure for their entire life. I began Dogs & Storks® in 2002 after seeing how many German Shepherds in our rescue were surrendered or abandoned due to a lack of information and resources on how to safely prepare dogs for life with children. Misunderstandings between children and dogs can cost lives and it is important that we do all we can to socialize and expose our dogs to many new situations so that they can comfortably adapt once a baby arrives in the home. If you are expecting and your dog has not been exposed to many children or experiences then I encourage you to reach out now so that we can increase your and your dog’s success once baby arrives. Please take some time and visit one of our presenters website for some wonderful and insightful articles on dogs. Dogs need us to respect their doggie side and direct them with proper boundaries to be successful in our world. This is our job when we bring a dog into our home. So, if you, or someone you know, needs support or has questions please contact a presenter in your area or email me

We are dedicated to increase safety and decreasing stress while including family dogs once baby arrives! Our dogs are in our lives because we invited them in. It is our job to do all we can to keep them safe and meet their needs even during challenging times.

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