Dogs & Toddlers Webinar 2/9/23

Dogs & Toddlers Webinar 2/9/23


Congratulations! Your baby is growing quickly and we know you have questions about how to help support your family dog as your baby becomes mobile. Often families begin to notice changes in their dog’s behavior once baby enters into the mobility stage. THIS is the stage when accidents happen and prevention is essential. You can take a huge step in prevention by joining us this Thursday 2/9 at 7-8:30

pm EST for our Dogs & Toddlers webinar. Register here

What you can expect to learn:

5 types of supervision, must know dog body language, grumble zones and growl zones, management parent guided activities and so much more!

Here is a video with your Family Paws Parent Educator Elysia Ostrander who will be leading this webinar. See some awesome tips she has to offer!

Don’t take a chance!  Prepare in advance!  This webinar is created based on over 20 years of supporting families and the dogs they love.  We understand and know the challenges and can help you set your dog and baby up for success.

We look forward to seeing you!






Every Young Family Needs a Support System.

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