Doulas make a difference!

Doulas make a difference!

It is important all expectant families surround themselves with as much support as possible. This week is world doula week. Doulas are an important part of an expectant families support system. Doulas offer a wide range of skills focused on meeting the desires and needs of each family member before, during and after birth. Lack of sleep, new responsibilities, and changes in daily routines can cause a whole new level of stress for new parents. Often this level of stress can lead people to feel that they just do not have enough to give to their family dog. It is very common to hear young parents say that their dog might be “better off” in another home. Without rest, ample time to recover and ongoing support a family may rush to the decision of rehoming their dog. This decision often is one a family will regret. The knowledge and support a doula offers can really help decrease stress as a couple eases into parenthood. A less stressed environment is good for Mom, Dad, baby and the family dog.   We are grateful for all the wonderful doulas out there!  Below is a our Postpartum and family dogs webinar.

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