Easter fun and games for kid & dogs!

Easter fun and games for kid & dogs!

If you are anticipating the Easter bunny or (EB) as we call him…then you may enjoy this fun game for your dogs too.  We have plastic eggs that we have used over and over for years that are the doggie eggs.  The kids fill them with kibble and treats and then we hide them.  Here are some variations to this game.




Single egg hunt: 

  1. With parent guidance fill the plastic egg with 1 or several treats or kibble.
  2. Wash hands after handling the dog goodie.
  3. Let toddler hide egg in fairly easy spot then sit while you release your dog to find it.
  4. Repeat!
  5. You also can use KONGs for this activity by hiding them if your dog is a chewer or you fear they may destroy the egg.

Big hunt! 

  1. Fill up many eggs or KONG toys
  2. Hide them in yard or in house
  3. Allow dog to “find them” while child is out of the way but is observing their dog having a fun time with the egg hunt!

Tips and things to consider;

  1. Activity must be parent supervised, as we don’t want dogs to “eat” the plastic egg or get cut.  Our dogs never have done this but you never know.
  2. If you have multiple dogs it may be best to do this individually to prevent any squabbles or competition.
  3. Do not allow the children to touch or handle the eggs once they are down on the ground and the dog is released to crack and open them to get their reward.
  4. Once all eggs are open then parent calls and handles dog while the kids can pick up eggs and refill or put them away.  We always keep them for next year.  We label a plastic bag “doggie eggs” so we know which is theirs.
  5. Get photos and videos of your fun, as we would LOVE to see how your dogs do!

Be creative and have fun but always keep safety for your child and dog in mind.

****Easter dresses and hats often have ribbons that can be interesting to some dogs.  Always observe your dog’s reaction to different dresses and changes in appearance so that you can redirect and or manage your dog with a KONG while your kids enjoy Easter hunts and celebrations.****

*****Keep in mind that chocolate and wrappers as well as other decorations are unsafe if ingested by dogs.*****

Most of all have FUN!




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