Feature Family Paws Parent Educator Presenter.. Amy Weeks

Feature Family Paws Parent Educator Presenter.. Amy Weeks

My name is Amy Weeks and I am owner of Amy’s Canine Kindergarten based out of Tampa, Florida.  I ran across FPPE’s site and was so impressed with the information that I jumped at the chance to become a presenter.  One of my favorite aspects of being a dog trainer is educating the public on “canine communication” as well as “why” a dog may be choosing to behave in a certain manner.  We have so much new information coming to us as trainers and it is imperitive that we find creative ways to get the information to the public.  That is why I jumped at the chance to work with FPPE  . My hope is that by working with this organization  I will be able to reach a new group of clients that I may not normally come across.  As a mother of three children, I can empathize with these parents to be in many of their concerns regarding bringing the baby home.  Helping the family dynamic work makes me feel like I have accomplished something very important.  That is my favorite part of the job!
I am so impressed with the Powerpoint that was created for Dogs & Storks and Dog & Baby Connection.  It is informational, funny, “hits home” with so many people yet is always very professional!  I also love the look of the PR materials that FPPE  has created for us.  It makes that part of my job very easy!!!!
My advice to parents would be to be proactive as much as possible.  Planning ahead and giving yourself several choices when it comes to the daily grind of parenting will help keep your stress level lower.  Also…make sure that Fido gets plenty of outlets…a tired dog is “the best dog”

Learn more about Amy here!

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