First things first

First things first

One of the most important things for expecting couples or families to do in the first trimester is evaluate who has best and least control of the dog/s and set a plan to strengthen the relationships to be more balanced throughtout the family. This is important especially once a baby arrives so that more people can assist in the mental activities for the dog and set boundaries for the dog. In families with older children that might be holding the baby and taking part in care taking they must also have control of the dog/s and be familiar with the boundary setting limits well ahead of time. Early on is the best time to begin looking at what cues will best fit into your home and help once a baby arrives.
Another good thing to consider is behavior that is unsafe for Mom or uncomfortable for anyone such as jumping or over reactive greetings. This is the time to put into action a plan that you can practice that sets new expectations that are clear and rewards appropriate behavior. Ex. all four on the floor = attention
So, evaluate, think, and plan and be sure to contact a Dogs & Storks® presenter for help if you have questions!

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