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Upcoming Course Dates for online Family Paws Foundation Course:

This is only open to those choosing to become licensed Family Paws Parent Educators. There are limited spots so apply early!

Jan 14-Apr 7, 2020 Noon Eastern time
May 3-July 26, 2020 8:30pm Eastern time
Aug 25-Nov 17, 2020 Noon Eastern time

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or intimidated about providing the best possible support and advice to families with babies or toddlers? Would you like to increase your knowledge about dog-and-baby/toddler dynamics? Why wait any longer? FPPE offers their Foundation course to prepare new licensed educators 4 times a year. You can increase your knowledge, confidence, and network by becoming a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator.  Our education, resources and ongoing support we help you differentiate yourself from your competition and help you tap into this specialized, important, and opportunity-rich market niche.
Our 13-week course will help you become familiar with all of our program content, marketing and so much more! This is the perfect way to learn and prepare to bring our parent programs to your community! New and expecting family dynamics can make simple consultations very complex.

NEW opportunity!  

Do you have a group of you interested in becoming licensed educators?  Do you run a facility that you wish to become licensed?  Please contact us about our Family Paws Weekend training opportunities.

Why choose to become part of the Family Paws Parent Education team?

  • Boost your sales by marketing yourself as a specialist in dog and baby/toddler dynamics
  • Increase the credibility and visibility of your business by being associated with a recognized and highly endorsed International program.
  • Receive a field-tested presentation created by an expert in dog and baby/toddler dynamics.
  • Save time and increase your effectiveness by using our real-life photos, practical exercises, and professional handouts with your clients.
  • Differentiate your business from your competition by displaying our logos on your materials, including your website.
  • Receive ongoing support, education and updated materials in order to stay ahead of others in your field.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive support and guidance on challenging cases involving dog and baby/toddler dynamics.
  • Attend our FPPE conference for ongoing networking and education.
  • To build a more profitable business through increased knowledge and improved skills when working in homes with dogs and young children.

To bring peace of mind to parents and increased safety to children and dogs

What’s Included for Educators?

Education & Business/Marketing Support

  • Ongoing support from Founder Jennifer Shryock B.A. CDBC and advisory team
  • Classes for CE’s covering topics from marketing to child development.
  • Exposure through national advertising and press for the programs.
  • Referrals in your local area through our website search service.
  • Benefits and discounts through dog•tec, Doggone Safe, The Family Dog and more!
  • Referrals from our Dog & Baby Support line
  • A FREE dog•tec webinar with tips to help you use your presenter status to boost your business.

Included Materials

  • A ready-to-use, professionally designed powerpoint presentation for both programs
  • Flyers, ads, and press releases you can customize and use.
  • High-resolution logo files, ready to put on your materials for co-branding.
  • 20+ handouts to use with your clients.
  • Access to our private group area for discussions, ongoing support and networking

Jennifer, this is a fabulous presentation and you should be very proud of it! There were situations that you thought to present that I never would have thought of! As I have just begun babysitting for my new grandson on a weekly basis, I am very grateful that I viewed this program as it gave me good things to think about and great suggestions for some excellent things I can do to make my babysitting duties both safe and enjoyable for my grandson and my precious pooches!

You used your photos, for example those used to illustrate “a moment matters” and catch phrases such as “one hand vs. two hands”, “monkey see, monkey do” and the “grumble zone” very cleverly and well to make valid and valuable points. You did a great job of addressing “guilt” and offered marvelous suggestions for things to do such as using the photo/stop sign to remind people that the dog is intentionally being separated from the child or children.

All and all this presentation was very well thought-out, very well presented and will be very well received by anyone fortunate enough to view it! It will be my pleasure and an honor to recommend it. My congratulations to you on a job every well done.

Chris Bach, The Third Way

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Our professionals have chosen to specialise in dog and baby/toddler dynamics. We are the trusted and highly endorsed program requiring that all of our dog professional participate in specialised ongoing training.