Veterinary Professionals



We are working hard on adapting and adjusting our veterinary program for you! Coming Soon! In the meantime, access our resource page

Do you know how to advise families about:

  • Preparing with their dog for life with baby?
  • Keeping their baby safe in a household with canines?
  • How to create a healthy, lifelong relationship between their child and dog?

Knowledge is power! Prevent bites and relinquishment to create lifelong patients!
Family Paws Parent Education for Veterinary Professional’s online course can give you the knowledge to make a difference for families and their pets!

Lynn R. Honeckman, DVM is proud to share FPPE programs in her community.

Please visit our resources page for FREE handouts you are welcome to print!

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Our professionals have chosen to specialise in dog and baby/toddler dynamics. We are the trusted and highly endorsed program requiring that all of our dog professional participate in specialised ongoing training.