Fostering happily ever afters!

Fostering happily ever afters!

Milo and Pebbles first meeting

Over the last 15 years our family has been active and dedicated to rescue.  Our family has fostered over 70 dogs in our home and I am always touched when I hear an update or just gain new “family” due to the bonds we share from connecting the perfect companion with a family. You can see some of our stories here.

People often say that they could never foster due to the sadness of letting the dog or cat go.  I look at it as a gift.  Sure I shed many tears over many of our fosters…. well some more than others…. but the joy I feel when it is the perfect match for a family is powerful! 

This past weekend was a great example of this.  I met with a family with adopted a German shepherd to 12 years ago!  Although this special boy has passed we have kept in touch.  Milo was an amazing gentle soul.  I remember getting the call about a German shepherd who had been shot several times with a bb gun in 2001.   He had chronic ear infections and dietary restrictions.  Milo was estimated to be about 7 or 8 when he came into rescue.  Finding the perfect family to take on a “special” dog is not always easy but there is someone for everyone.  Milo’s perfect family already had a German shepherd (Pebbles)  from our rescue and it was a match made in heaven.   Milo was well loved until he passed in 2005.  It has been a gift to be connected with this family (even virtually) over this year.  Meeting this weekend really emphasized for me the special bonds we share when we help complete a family.

Fostering dogs touches lives in a way you never really know until you experience it.  Being a stepping stone for a dog towards their “happily ever after” is a gift and honor and hard work!  But when you see the perfect match and a complete family you know in your heart that all the challenges and successes you shared with that animal for your brief time were well worth it! 

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