Give a dog space!

Give a dog space!

One of our favorite Family Paws phrases is “Invites decrease bites”. Did you know that inviting a dog into your space is very different from entering the dog’s space?

This is especially true with babies and toddlers who move in unpredictable ways. So often we receive phone calls from the parents of newly-crawling babies once the dog has begun growling at the child, and much of the time the growling occurs when the child crawls towards the dog. Learn to set your dog and child up for safe, comfortable interactions.

When baby is on the move, make sure Fluffy is either comfortably separated or there is a parent in-between. When you and your child want to interact with your dog, teach your child from an early age to invite the dog over to you. And remember: invitations are just that. Your dog is always free to say “No thanks”.

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