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It happened to me! When things don’t go as planned.

It happened to me! When things don’t go as planned.

Our guest blog is from one of our awesome Family Paws Educators.  Meet Debra Murray

What Debra shares in this blog post is something I think many will connect with.  I think it is so important for all of us to remember that there are times that despite how much WE want something to work out, it is really important to assess if it is a healthy situation for EVERYONE.  Of course when we bring an animal into our home we hope and want it to be forever but sometimes that is not the right choice for everyone.  When families are faced with these really heart wrenching challenges and choices it is important that they have support as they sort through the realities and options.

Thank you Debra for sharing your experience so openly!  Read full blog here.

We encourage anyone who is considering this type of situation that you reach out and get the support you need to help you through assessing the options as you move forward.  Our support line can be a great resource at such times.  877-247-3407


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