It won’t happen to me….

It won’t happen to me….


Poster PSI Conference 2015
Poster PSI Conference 2015

I am so grateful to have had the opportunty to attend the annual Postpartum Support International Conference again this year. As someone who was personally touched by postpartum depression and anxiety I can not express how excited I feel each time I hear new research and learn of more support for families.

I was honored to share a poster about Family Dogs and Postpartum parents…patterns, benefits and support.  This conference is important to me professionally and personally.

I remember hearing about Postpartum depression during my first pregnancy. I listened to my childbirth educator but honestly never gave it a thought…it was not info I needed. My thoughts:  I will never be depressed.  I am prepared.  Can’t wait to be home with my baby all day!  I have worked with babies and families for years…I know what I am getting into…no problem.  Well…I was pretty humbled and depression/anxiety was a part of my transition into parenthood.  Now I know first hand how important support, education and awareness is. Prevention is not sexy and often finding a way to reach people with the needed information BEFORE they know they need it is a challenge.

The professionals offering me information about Postpartum Depression were in the same position I find myself in daily about Dog and baby awareness. Many people do not feel they need information…they know their dog, or their dog would never, their dog loves kids, is a good dog and would never, or they have known dogs all their life.

All of these statements may be true. We are not saying or suggesting that your dog is bad or you do not know your dog.

“We are suggesting that PARENTING with a dog and baby is a new experience and adding to your knowledge and understanding of your dog will enhance your relationship and increase success and decrease stress for all.  You don’t know what you don’t know…please stay open to learning.” JenShryock)   

We all need guidance and safety nets. We want to encourage families to surround themselves with as many resources as possible and create a support system to help make this transition as smooth as possible for all. Whether you think you need it or not…please bookmark and share our information and the wonderful website Postpartum Support International.   You just never know who you might help! Thank you!

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