Kiss or dismiss?

Kiss or dismiss?

One of the things I see regularly is families misinterpreting what their dog is trying to communicate. Check out this video. Notice how bruno gives big long licks. I consider these the “move it” or “bug off kid” lick. Usually they are successful in getting us to move. 

Think of your response when your dog licks your face. Most likely you turn away and certainly you look away. This increases the distance and comfort for the dog when things are too intense. Or it manipulates you to move a bit.

Bruno was getting on his mom’s nerves by licking the baby so intensely but the baby was truly getting on bruno’s nerves by being so close and not leaving him alone. 
 Notice how Bruno took the bone and turned his body away from the baby? Then he continues licking? It is very subtle but this is how dogs talk and communicate. The challenge is that these signals were interpreted as kisses or as not wanted for the baby but Bruno’s comfort level was not considered. Bruno is communicating the only way he can. It is the same as a kids saying “hey could you move over please.” After dogs use all the subtle ways to communicate the same thing over and over then they may escalate to a more direct and clear way such as growling. We don’t want things to get to that point. Do your baby and dog a favor and become familiar with dog communication.communication   For more information about dog body language and safety contact us!

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