Jennifer Shryock

Jennifer Shryock Founder, B.A. CDBC

Dogs are communicating all the time, but often we are unfamiliar with their language. (At least I know I was!). Miscommunication between children and dogs often leads to growls, or worse, a bite that tears everyone apart. It’s my passion to prevent this from happening to your family through education.  

I grew up with my dogs as my confidants and best friends. They were my safe place. My bond with them literally saved my life. I found confidence working with them — they never judged me or bullied me. They just loved me. 

I want all children to feel this safe space with their pets, especially in these times.  

Strengthening Family Bonds And Easing Transitions

Are you a parent concerned about how your dog will interact with your newborn or young child?

Or a dog professional seeking to deepen your knowledge of dog-and-baby/toddler dynamics?

Or a veterinarian seeking to supplement your clinical expertise with behavioral training?

Are you a Childbirth or postpartum professional supporting families with dogs?

My specialty is supporting people like you, and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years!

I’m Jennifer Shryock, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Licensed Family Dog Mediator as well as the proud owner of Family Paws® LLC in Cary, North Carolina. I have a duo degree in Special Education/Elementary Education and enjoyed working in a variety of environments with adults and children with disabilities.  I am passionate about childbirth and postpartum support and have served as a board member of the International Childbirth Education Association. Most importantly, I am the proud Mother of 4 awesome humans who inspire me every day!  

In 2000, my family adopted our first German shepherd rescue dog. That inspired my work with the rescue organization as a counselor and trainer. There, I discovered families with babies or young children found their situation overwhelming and were often on the verge of surrendering their cherished dog.

Once I recognized new and expecting parents’ needs for support and education, I began developing resources for families and dog professionals. These passions fueled my creation of Family Paws™ Parent Education, which now offers programs across the United States, Canada, and beyond. 

By combining my special education experience, passion for supporting new families with my skills as a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, I was able to create programs that support parents looking to prepare for life with a dog and baby and dogs and toddlers. 

These highly endorsed international programs include:

Here to Help 

Through this curriculum, I’ve mentored and supported hundreds of dog trainers worldwide, been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Martha Stewart Living, and have spoken and written extensively on these topics, all while continuing to support local and distant families.

My mission is to help create a world in which families with children and dogs live safely together with the mutual respect of each individual—human and canine—that contributes to a harmonious family unit.

Check out our Programs & Services for the consultation, class, or workshop that’s right for you. If you need immediate support, contact a trained professional through our Dog & Baby Support Line.


Every Young Family Needs a Support System.

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