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Lifting baby

Lifting baby

Our dogs observe us all day long and when it is just we adults….they are quite used to our patterns of motion etc.  Once a baby arrives there are all sorts of odd looking actions that can cause dogs to become confused, excited or reactive in some way.  FPPE encourages families to know their dog and learn what triggers they may have.  Ex:  if you lift up a toy from the floor does your dog jump wildly?  If so then working on a new behavior you want your dog to do when you lift u a toy may be a great idea.  Our educators love problem solving with families before baby arrives. Don’t wait until your dog jumps and you feel anxious about their response.  Being Dog Aware means preparing and continue learning with your dog before and after baby arrives.  This is new to both of you!   Set you and your dog up for success by thinking through some of these possible opportunities.

Here is a great example of a Dog Aware parent making a good choice when lifting baby.  Tossing the dog’s toy away so that the dog is occupied while she lifts baby.  Nicely done!  Do you have examples to share with us?

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