Meet Susan Isaacs one of our California presenters

Meet Susan Isaacs one of our California presenters

We are really proud of the professionals on our Family Paws Parent Education Team.  We want you to get to know them too.  We will highlight our presenters so that you can see some of the dedicated professionals who have chosen to bring parent education and support about dog and baby/toddler dynamics to communities all over the world.  If you do not have a presenter near you and need support please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to try to find someone near you!

Susan Isaacs

1.Why did you choose to become a FPPE presenter??

Your beloved dog has been in the family for some time. You have invested the time and effort to teach him manners and the training has paid off:  Pooch behaves beautifully at home and in public.

It is oh-so-human to assume during pregnancy, and then once baby has arrived, that the calm control that we have worked so hard to build will carry over into this new chapter in life.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case as routines are upended and stress levels climb. 

Thanks to the FPPE program, and to Jen Shryock’s invaluable guidance, I have the tools to help families make sense of and address the changes that may be causing their dog to become restless or clingy or anxious.

2. What has been the most helpful for you as a presenter??

I know that I will be providing concrete information and fun exercises that parents can use immediately to maintain safety while continuing to include the dog in family activities.

3. What do you enjoy most about supporting new and expecting families with dogs?

I love feeling the atmosphere lighten as the family breathes a sigh of relief! They can now begin to handle what they previously thought was just too overwhelming a situation.

4. What would you like all parents to know about dogs and babies.?

As much as we often don’t want to admit it, a dog is a dog is a dog! Our beloved pet relies on us to understand and respect that she is a different species. It is up to us to teach her how to be confident and happy in a human world.  By the same token, a baby or toddler does not know how to interact safely with a dog.  When dog and baby are in the same room, we must provide awake, active, adult supervision at all times. 

Our dog tells us through her body language how she is feeling.  Learning to read and respond appropriately to her signs of stress helps maintain safety and comfort levels for all family members.

5. Where are you located? Website info

Based in West Hollywood, CA, The Well-Heeled Dog also serves clients in downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Studio City and Sherman Oaks.

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