New LOGO same Passion!

New LOGO same Passion!

There is always so much going on behind the scenes with Family Paws!  Honestly it is awesome, exhausting and amazing all at once! The bottom line though is it is really an honor and humbling to be able to support new
and expecting families worldwide!   I always said I would work with kids and dogs but never did I imagine or dream what Family Paws would become!

In celebration of 20 years supporting families and professionals we have decided to greet 2022 with a brand new look and logo!


A great deal goes into birthing a logo.  This logo really speaks to me!  It represents so much of what inspired me to begin this journey 20 years ago.  It all began with our adopted German Shepherd, Moose and our very young kiddos along with my passion for supporting new Moms.  I know deeply how hard it is to juggle a busy household with fur and fun going on all the time!   In this logo, To me, the paws and footprints represent learning, playing and growing together alongside each other in life.  That is what we all want with our dogs and children, right?  Them to enjoy living together safely and comfortably while growing independently?   Family Paws encourages continuing to learn how dogs communicate and respect the boundaries and comfort of each individual.  We want bonds built over time through respect, kindness and love the way it is appreciated by each individual.  This is why we love the soft colors and heart in our new logo.  They are warm and represent love and peace to me.

I hope you LOVE our new look and meaning.  We’d love to hear from YOU!

A lot of time, thought and creativity went into designing this new logo. Over the next few months we’ll slowly roll out the new branding on our social media channels, website and materials. Keep an eye out for new colors!

We plan to keep creating Dog Aware Generations for many many years to come!

We’re so thankful to each of you who have helped and continue to help us Create Dog Aware Generations! Truly Thank YOU!!!!

Thank you to all the creative minds at Loop Creative (@followtheloop) for helping us bring this logo to life.

Jennifer Shryock, Proud Founder of Family Paws, LLC


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