New Year’s Eve & dogs.

New Year’s Eve & dogs.

Each New Year’s Eve we prepare our home and our dogs for the different experience of the exciting evening ahead.   Some years we have had a house full of varrying ages of kids. Crates, KONGs in rooms, gates etc in place always were our theme.

This year things will be a bit calmer. Although we are planning on a fairly calm evening. We are still expecting several teenagers sleeping over.   One of our senior dogs needs to be managed as he is not comfortable with lots of people in our home. We know and accept his limitations but also want to allow our kids the freedom to have friends over on this special night.

Acceptance and solution.

Our boy has a life long friend that he adores. This year we have planned to have him spend this busy night away so that he can relax and be stress free while the kids and their friends come and go. Previously we were able to crate or secure our boy in a room with a great meaty bone or frozen goodie but with age this has become harder for him.

Please keep in mind as you prepare for you New Year festivities that as we celebrate a new year…your dog has also aged a year. He or she may be less tolerant of what they were a year ago. If you are also enjoying many guests please plan ahead and take into consideration what you may need to adapt for your dog/s to help them be comfortable and safe as you enjoy welcoming in 2015!  Check out this excellent blog post for some tips!  Happy New Year!

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