New parents & Cat naps. Practice & plan with your dog for safe snoozes.

It is easy to doze off when you are a very tired parent to a newborn.  Family Paws Parent Education programs encourage expectant families and caretakers of babies to have plan and PRACTICE.  Where will the dog be when….baby is in crib, bouncer, on playmate, in basinet, or even asleep on a sleeping parent.

Our Dogs & Storks program encourages all families to prepare with their dog for times when they will  need to be secured in a “Success stations.”  What is a success station?  Great question!  Here is a handout that you can share that describes several.

A success station is a great strategy for your dog , your baby’s safety and your peace of mind.  A cozy crate, a gated area, indoor tether all could be comfortable success stations.  It is ideal if we begin early in pregnancy to prepare our dogs for time in their success station.  If not we can begin at any point along the way.  Success stations look different depending on your home, your dog and your comfort.  This is something many families really like to brainstorm with our licensed Family Paws Parent Educators.  There is a great deal to consider.

  1. How does your dog handle being separated you while you are at home?
  2. Is your dog able to be behind a closed door in your home with you home?
  3. How does your dog respond to being in a crate while you are home? In view?
  4. Is your dog used to being on the other side of a secure gate while you are talking to guests?
  5. Have you ever used an indoor tether system or put your leash on your dog while in the house?

These are just a few of the factors we need to consider to begin preparing for times when your dog may need to be secured when you bring your newborn home.  It is essential to consider many possibilities and what the safe option will be for you, your baby and family dog.  Dogs are dogs….they are not familiar with your new baby and must be supervised by a fully awake adult at all times.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Dog & Baby Support Hotline   877-247-3407