Positive example on youtube!

Positive example on youtube!


Here is an example of a toddler being included in daily routines with the dogs in a controlled and supervised way.  I like that the dogs are waiting nicely and still checking in with the “trusted” adults.  It is clear that the child has practiced or observed this feeding routine many times.  The child calmly gives each dog their bowl as he says their name.  The dogs wait nicely until he says “okay” to the dogs.  He turned away while saying “ok” and that may have contributed to the slow response of the dogs but in general this was well done.  I like that the parent instructed the child as to what to do vs. the adult saying OK.  This allows the dogs to learn to listen to the child.    In fully supervised and structured short sessions even young children can be included in these types of activities.   

I like to allow our 4 year old to feed our dogs with our guidance.  I do not have our dogs so close to one another when eating however.  I prefer to allow each of our dogs their own space where they know they will not be bothered.    It is great to see a positive interaction and example on youtube!  J

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