Presenters in the news

Presenters in the news

It is important that all trainers stay up to date with the industry to offer the best solutions for the families they support.  Enjoy this segment with our Presenter Nick Hof of Paws Look Listen.  We are so proud of the quality and enthusiasm of our team of professionals who have chosen to support new and expecting families.  Their dedication to helping create a safe, respectful and harmonious relationship between babies and dogs makes our programs top notch!  See Nick’s segment here!

Family Paws Parent Education is dedicated to finding and maintaining the best professionals who share a passion for offering support to growing families.  We are proud of our team!  You can trust our team of trainers to offer positive, practical and professional solutions when it comes to dog and baby safety.   Have questions…give us a call! Or contact your local presenter of our programs!

If you are a dog professional and want to expand your knowledge about dog and baby dynamics we invite you to visit our page just for you!  Click here!

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