Relationship building

Relationship building

This weekend I had the pleasure of presenting with Colleen Pelarabout Kids & dogs thanks to the New England Dog Training ClubBoston K9 Concierge and Puppyworks.

Our focus was on how to build relationships through education.  Dogs really do offer so much communication that as humans does not come naturally to us.  Colleen brought up a great point, parents read books about babies and child behavior but often overlook learning about dog behavior and ways to help dogs adjust to the dynamics of a growing family.  it is interesting that we read and learn about little humans but not dogs.  We are human and we have been young children before but we have never been dogs.  It would make great sense to learn about dog behavior wouldn’t it?  If not then why?  It would seem we should have all the answers about being baby humans right?  We were babies once but again, we were never dogs and yet we assume we know it all.  Just made me think about things.  

It is my hope that through offering resources that are practical, fun and affordable more parents will take the time to learn more about their dog and how they communicate.  As someone who specializes in dog and baby/toddler dynamics it saddens me when I get calls only after things have gone wrong. It is my hope that we all begin to learn more about our dogs and their subtle ways of communication.  This way we can all live together under the same roof in a comfortable way for all!

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