School is OUT and vacation is IN!

School is OUT and vacation is IN!

Here in NC school is out for summer!  That means the kids are home and there are changes in our daily schedules.  Normal quiet days for our dogs are now going to be filled with more activity.  Friends coming over and changes in general will be a transition for all as we ease into our summer schedule.  Here are a couple of tips to consider:


  1. Schedule changes and more activity!
  2. Try to continue somewhat of a “school” routine for your dog.  Crating them for parts of the day as if it were a school day can help keep your pup on track.  This will help when school begins again.
  3. Be extra mindful of visiting children and your dog’s comfort level.  Summer is a fun time to get together with friends but depending on the age of kids….this activity may cause your dog extra stress.  Be sure they have a “kid free” area while small guests are busy visiting.  Brush up on your dog body language skills to recognize stress or discomfort in your dog.
  4. Plan some structured activities with your kids to do with the dogs.  Hide and seek games can be fun with parent guidance.
  5. Encourage your kids to make pup pops.  You can cut up goodies and put them in ice cube trays and add water then let freeze.  Spread these out in the yard for dog to hunt for.
  6. Be mindful about the temperature!  If it is hot leave your dog at home instead of taking them with you to a park or ball game.  Dogs can become overheated and uncomfortable when crowded and hot.
  7. As always don’t forget your heartworm and flea and tick treatments

HAVE FUN & Stay cool!

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