When it comes to dog and baby or dog and toddler relationships you really want to choose someone who is experienced and understands the unique challenges parents encounter with young children and dogs. As a parent, Jennifer understands the importance of positive inclusion and safety when it comes to your baby or toddler and the family dog.

Dog and baby dynamics can be a source of frustration for many parents. We are here to support and prepare you one stage at a time. Jennifer Shryock applies her knowledge of child development, dog behavior, and life experience as a mother of four kids to help support your family with practical and positive solutions. Jennifer has supported thousands of families and mentored hundreds of dog professionals all over the world.

Whether you’re expecting (or adopting) your first child or have a houseful of kids already, Jennifer offers families expert advice and support to help increase safety and fun while decreasing stress for all.
We prioritize expectant families and families with toddlers. We are also available to help families with pet selection.

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Areas of focus:

  • How to prepare with your dog for life with baby/toddler
  • Increasing Dog Aware skills to recognize subtle signals of communication
  • Safety first—for everyone in the family, two- and four-legged
  • Evaluating and setting up management and Success Stations
  • Managing your dog through your child’s different stages of development
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Client Testimonial

“When I was 3 months pregnant, my husband and I reached out to Family Paws for help. We needed assistance in training our 5-year-old dog to prepare him for bringing a baby into the house. Jennifer provided a wealth of knowledge to us via pamphlets, videos, and private training sessions. She was also available to us daily through Marco Polo which we used often to share our progress. She was able to quickly give us constructive feedback or reassurance.

Our transition into this new phase of our lives has been better than we could have hoped for and we give full credit to the training we received from Family Paws.”

Robin & Patrick
Cary, NC

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