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Interested in Becoming a Family Paws Parent Educator?

Are you a dog professional who feels a bit uncomfortable when it comes to consults involving babies, toddlers and dogs?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed or intimidated about providing the best possible support and advice to families with babies or toddlers?  You are not alone!  This niche is super important and often complex as it involves many changing dynamics.  Would you like to increase your knowledge and comfort regarding dog-and-baby/toddler dynamics?  Why wait any longer? Family Paws offers our foundation course to dog professionals who have chosen and been approved to become a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator.   This opportunity is much more than a course.  It is a commitment to being an active part of the Family Paws Educator referral network and staying up to date with Family Paws materials and information.   This is also just a stepping stone towards an entirely different marketing path and opportunities.  We offer this opportunity 3 times a year.

We are super excited to be offering MORE IN 2024!

Family Paws Parent Education’s renowned Foundations Course is getting an upgrade for 2024! 

Feedback from participants has been tremendously positive, but Jen and students kept feeling like they wanted more – so she added it! For the same price, participants in the January 2024 class will enjoy 25% more live class time – the same amazing curriculum, but with more discussion and interaction! Same number of weeks (13), but an additional 15 minutes per class – it’s like adding 4 full hours of class time!

With co-instructors Bethany Cunningham and founder Jennifer Shryock, participants will continue to benefit from their vast educational and professional backgrounds. Jen has dual degrees and work experience in both Elementary and Special Education, over 30 years supporting children and dogs, and experience as a mother of 4 with a menagerie of pet animals. Bethany has a BS in Animal Science and was a certified therapeutic riding instructor for 7 years, working with neurodivergent and special needs children before starting her own family. She also had experience working in an IVF clinic for several years and knows the challenges that some parents face. Both combine their expertise with a wonderfully soft, supportive, Socratic method of teaching that makes this course both low-stress and highly thought-provoking. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to add new marketing options and an incredibly important specialty niche to your business!  

Tuesday January 9- April 2
Tuesday April 30-July 23
TuesdayAugust13- November 5
24 CEU credits IAABC, 16.2, CCPDT



Meet Your Instructors

Here is why Debra became a Family Paws Parent Educator.

Why choose to become part of the Family Paws Parent Education team?

  • Boost your marketing reach by offering dog and baby/toddler specific services
  • Increase the credibility and visibility of your business by being associated with a recognized and highly endorsed International program.
  • Receive a field-tested presentation created by an expert in dog and baby/toddler dynamics.
  • Save time and increase your effectiveness by using our real-life photos, practical exercises, and professional handouts with your clients.
  • Differentiate your business from your competition by highlighting our logos on your materials, including your website.
  • Receive ongoing support, education and updated materials in order to stay ahead of others in your field.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive support and guidance on challenging cases involving dog and baby/toddler dynamics.
  • To participate and attend FPPE online learning opportunities
  • To build a more profitable business through increased knowledge and improved skills when working in homes with dogs and young children.



Learn More About the Family Paws Foundation Course

Led by Jennifer Shryock and Bethany Cunningham, this 13-week course will increase your knowledge, confidence, and network as you become a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator. Our education, resources, and ongoing support help you differentiate yourself from your competition and help you tap into this specialized, important, and opportunity-rich market niche.



What’s Included for Educators?

Education & Business/Marketing Support

  • Ongoing support from Founder Jennifer Shryock B.A. CDBC
  • Classes for CE’s covering topics from marketing to child development.
  • Exposure through national advertising and press for the programs.
  • Referrals in your local area through our website search service.
  • Benefits and discounts from The Family Dog and more!
  • Referrals from our Dog & Baby Support line
  • Free Marketing webinar by John Visconti, author of Fetch More Dollars



Included Materials

  • A ready-to-use, professionally designed powerpoint presentation for both programs
  • Flyers, ads, and press releases you can customize and use.
  • High-resolution logo files, ready to put on your materials for co-branding.
  • 20+ handouts to use with your clients.
  • 4 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Jennifer Shryock
  • Access to our private group area for discussions, ongoing support and networking
  • and much more!



What Our Graduates Say




Dog Aware Mini Course

Family Paws is now offering the Dog Aware Mini Course. This 4 part course is PERFECT to get a feel for Family Paws materials that will immediately support your families.  Join us for the 4 pillars of Dog Aware.  We will cover the importance of body language, sensitivities, proximity and SUPERVISION.   If you are seeing families with young children this is a must to compliment your current offerings and skills.








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